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3 years ago by Martin Scheer from Germany


for „Creative London Live Summer School“ by „ESCP Business School, Campus London

Please note the other summer course sessions of the ESCP in Madrid, where a training course for the international Project Manager certification (PMP®) is offered. Further information can be found here on the StudyAdvisor at, or have a look at

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10 months ago by Martin Scheer from Germany


for „BSc in Mechanical Engineering “ by „Technion Israel Institute of Technology

Find further information on this YouTube video about Technion:

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4 years ago by Martin Scheer from Germany


for „Au Pair in China“ by „ImmerQi

On YouTube, find a further video at with a testimonial for an Au Pair program in China: "Hear from our current Au Pair China Program participant Rachel! She is doing an Au Pair in China Program in Beijing. From teaching English, studying Mandarin to gaining in-depth experiences in China! Why she has chosen China to do Au Pair, what she has learned from it, what kind of activities she has participated with other program participants and most importantly, why she has chosen ImmerQi to immerse in China! Get to know more about ImmerQi's Au Pair China Programme here!"

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2 years ago by Martin Scheer from Germany


for „International Summer Academy in Paris“ by „IESEG School of Management (Paris Campus)

"The biggest benefits of participating were the academic knowledge I have acquired and the contacts I have made. It really helps you thinking globally for either academic or professional choices. IÉSEG Summer Academy is unique to each student. You choose the subjects you are going to take and make it personal. More than that, the international environment totally opens your horizons and broadens your network." Victor SILVA PINTO Federal University of Bahia, Brazil Find further testimonials on

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University of Almeria

La Cañada, Almería, Spain

The University of Almería (Spanish: Universidad de Almería, UAL) is a public university situated in Almería, Spain. Located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, it belongs to the La Cañada de San Urbano district of Almería City. In 2008 the University offered 38 different degree programmes, with 871 lecturers, and 11,628 students. At the time of its foundation, its initial governing was assigned to D. Alberto Fernández Gutiérrez, as Vice-Chancellor. The current rector is Carmelo Rodríguez Torreblanca, elected by the university community in the elections that took place in early 2015, taking over from D. Alfredo Martinez Almécija. The University of Almería (UAL) is located in the southeast of Spain, in the region of Andalusia. It was founded in 1993 and currently has over 13,000 undergraduate and graduate students.Despite its recent creation, UAL has been positioned in the highest levels of scientific and academic knowledge in different areas and currently has great prestige both nationally and internationally. WHY CHOOSE UAL? There are many reasons to choose UAL. Its facilities and equipment are definitely among the most modern and innovative in Europe. Our highly qualified teaching staff use the latest technology to teach their subjects. Its tailor-made courses are carefully designed to achieve a comprehensive training of the highest quality in accordance with the demands of the students and the needs of the current society.Furthermore, the campus life is as enjoyable as the environment and weather of the province of Almeria. Its location, by the sea, makes the campus a unique environment. But what undoubtedly makes students’ stays really successful is the Andalusian character and lifestyle: friendly, cheerful, enterprising and proud of their homeland and customs. OUR SERVICES The University of Almeria counts with great equipment to facilitate the work and stay of our visiting students. We offer plenty of services for academic, administrative and social support. We have one of the largest and most modern libraries in Andalusia, equipped with several study and group-work rooms, computers and laptops, etc.We also have a large dining room, several cafes, hosting service, bike rental, entertainment and leisure activities, free PCs, WI-FI, etc. With regard to sports facilities, we count with different tennis, paddle, football, basketball and volleyball courses. We also have an Olympic indoor pool, fitness center, sauna, spinning room, a fully equipped gym and specialized rooms for other activities requested by students. Furthermore, the Sports Service of our University offers students plenty of leisure and free-time activities in contact with nature, such as hiking, rafting, diving, skiing, snowboarding, canoeing, caving and horseback riding, among others.Leading-edge areas of knowledge: • Engineering (Agricultural and Industrial studies, Electricity, Robotics, Computing, etc.) • Sciences (Biotechnology, Environtmental Sciences, Chemistry, etc.) • Social Sciences (International Business Management, Accounting, Finance, Tourism, Law, etc.) • Health Sciences (Nursing, Physiotherapy, Psychology). • Humanities, Modern Languages and Education. The University of Almería is the third university in Andalusia in scientific and academic production with over 300 scientific research agreements signed with companies, around 10 patents, over 700 published papers and the edition of 3 annual scientific journals. Furthermore, the University of Almería has been recently appointed as Campus of International Excellence (cei) by the Spanish Ministry of Education, in the following fields of knowledge: Agrifood (ceiA3); Sea Studies (ceiMar), Global Change and Biodiversity (ceiCambio) and Cultural and Natural Heritage (ceiPatrimonio). A sea of knowledge Founded in 1993, the University of Almería (UAL) is a public research university famed for its R&D in the areas of solar energy, agriculture and water management. Ranked in the Top 40 nationally, and top 1000 worldwide, it has become an attractive destination for international students, which now comprise 12% of the student population. Apart from its academic excellence, one of the most attractive features is its location, as it is the only Spanish campus facing the Mediterranean Sea. We offer 34 Bachelor and 44 Master Degrees (two of them fully taught in English), as well as 14 PhD programmes for our +13.000 graduate and undergraduate students. The University of Almería is the third university of Andalusia in scientific production with more than 300 research agreements signed with companies, about 20 patents, more than 900 published works and the edition of more than 6 scientific journals. Almería: A Mediterranean Oasis During the last four decades, Almeria%27s economy quickly evolved making it home of the largest concentration of greenhouses in the world. It is now the main fresh vegetable production center for the EU, with a yearly revenue of CAD$9 billion for agribusiness production, including logistics, research and ancillary services. Socially, this economic rebirth contributed to a renewed multicultural society. In 20 years, Almeria’s immigrant population went from being less than 1% in 1980 to over 10% in 2019. This, of course, is a continuation of Almeria’s rich historical multiculturalism; a place where Phoenician, Carthaginians, Romans, Muslims, Sephardic Jews and Catholics developed their own mosaic and melting pot. Student Safety The city of Almería and the University campus are among the world’s safest. UAL has risk management and emergency protocols in place to proactively mitigate potentially adverse situations. Ranked as the seventh best in the world by the World Health Organization, the Spanish public health system offers fully comprehensive coverage and Almería’s state of the art public hospital can fully assure comprehensive coverage.

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