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2 years ago by Martin Scheer from Germany


for „Summer University Namibia“ by „Namibia University of Science and Technology

The dates for 2019 are July 28 and August 24, 2019. The academic program offers you an interesting mix of theoretical knowledge and insights in the Namibian economy and society. You will get the unique chance to better understand developments in Africa. Have a look at for the courses offered during the program.

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4 years ago by Martin Scheer from Germany


for „Teach & Travel China“ by „ImmerQi

Some further information about the Teach & Travel China program of ImmerQi: TEACH & TRAVEL CHINA For people who are: • Looking for adventure and travel • Keen to make lots of friends from around the world • Searching for a unique gap year experience For people who are: • Recent graduates unsure of their next move • Teachers or those considering a career in teaching • Hoping to save up some cash money Duration: One semester (4.5 months) Start Dates: February & August intakes Monthly allowance: 2000RMB Completion bonus: 2500 RMB Key inclusions: Accommodation, meals, Mandarin lessons Orientation: 2 weeks in Beijing and Harbin Program outcomes: TEFL certification (120 hours online training before China, 20 hours practical training in China)

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3 years ago by Martin Scheer from Germany


for „Campus Eiffel Summer Programs“ by „EBS European Business School, Paris

During the Campus Eiffel Summer Sessions, three Summer Certificate Programs are offered by EBS Paris, focusing on: 1) Digital Entrepreneurship in the New Economy, 2) Doing Business in Europe, 3) Fashion, Luxury & Art Management, Further summer programs are offered by the other three participating institutions. Please visit for further information.

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University of Wuerzburg, Faculty of Law

Würzburg, Germany

The Law Faculty of the Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg is one of the oldest faculties of law in Germany. When the University was first founded in 1402 several chairs of law had already been established. Today the Faculty is seated in the building of the “Alte Universität” (old university) which was erected after the reestablishment of the university in 1582 and is situated in Würzburg’s city center. The reconstructed magnificent building accommodates not only most chairs and the faculty administration, but also modern lecture rooms as well as a library of some 341.000 volumes and a cafeteria. The impressive “Neubaukirche” and its foyer are used as the University’s assembly hall. The Faculty of Law consists of 20 chairs and 5 professorships, which together form 6 institutes. Some 2200 students are currently studying law at the Faculty of Law of the Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg and each year about 550 new students arrive. In Würzburg special emphasis is put on the foundations of law such as history of law and legal philosophy (jurisprudence) on the one hand and the international and especially the European orientation of research and education on the other. This shall prepare the students for a globalized job market in an optimal way. A comprehensive companion program in European Law and a postgraduate Master studies program in European Law are complemented by a diverse foreign legal languages program and introductions into foreign laws. The faculty further offers special courses preparing students for their final exams and a program in e-learning. An interdisciplinary program of lectures provides intercultural competences for students of all faculties.

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