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4 years ago by Martin Scheer from Germany


for „CNU International Summer Session“ by „Chonnam National University 전남대학교

The International Summer Session includes many cultural excursion, to places such as Naganeupseong, Songgwangsa Temple, 518 Memorial Park, or a trip to Seoul. Student Residence Hall is conveniently located within 5 minute walk from the all of the lecture halls. All students share a room with a roommate and each room is furnished with separate beds, closes, and desks. Facilities: Reading room, Computer room, Lounge, Ping-pong room, Ironing room, Fitness room.

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2 years ago by Martin Scheer from Germany


for „BSc in Mechanical Engineering “ by „Technion Israel Institute of Technology

Information about the BSc in Mechanical Engineering of the Technion Israel Institute of Technology: "The BSc program in Mechanical Engineering: this four-year degree program at Technion’s prestigious Faculty of Mechanical Engineering trains future engineers for professional practice in an era of rapidly advancing technology. Students will build a strong foundation in the engineering sciences (mechanics, materials, fluids, and thermal sciences) with specialization in robotics, control, and dynamical systems. Coursework will be combined with project-based laboratory and design experience at the faculty’s advanced labs to help students develop independence, creative talent, and leadership." Have a look at the program brochure for further details:

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11 months ago by Martin Scheer from Germany


for „International Summer and Winter University (FUBiS)“ by „Freie Universität Berlin

PROGRAM DATES 2022 for FUBiS programs at the Freie University Berlin: FUBiS Term I 2022: Jan 03 - Jan 26 FUBiS Term II 2022: Jun 04 - Jul 16 FUBiS Term III 2022: Jul 23 - Aug 20 Courses are offered both on-site in Berlin as also online.

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5 years ago by Martin Scheer from Germany


for „2 & 3 Week Summer Courses“ by „Arts University Bournemouth (AUB)

For two further videos about the summer courses, please have a look at and Have a nice day! We also published some additional information on our platform for Summer Schools & Programs:

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