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Our CityGuides will provide additional information on accommodation, the city and its region, major events, as also travel tips.

Beside this website, we offer a great variety of similar platforms to find study programs and institutions worldwide. All our education platforms are linked between each other to ensure students and learners are finding the programs they are looking for. Consult our Global Study Map below for study options in selected cities, countries, regions, for certain academic study fields, different program types such as Bachelor, Master or Volunteer Programs, or language courses in over 20 of the most widely spoken languages worldwide. Please note that some websites are still under construction. In case a website isn’t published yet, the domain redirects to the corresponding search results on StudyAdvisor.


Africa (sub-Sahara)
Study in Cape Town, study-in-capetown.info

East and Southeast Asia
Study in Beijing, study-in-beijing.org

Study in Hong Kong, study-in-hongkong.org

Study in Seoul, study-in-seoul.org

Study in Shanghai, study-in-shanghai.org

Study in Singapore, study-in-singapore.org

Study in Tokyo, study-in-tokyo.org

Europe and Eurasia
Study in Barcelona, study-in-barcelona.org

Study in Berlin, study-in-berlin.info

Study in Istanbul, study-in-istanbul.org

Study in London, study-in-london.org

Study in Madrid, study-in-madrid.org

Study in Moscow, study-in-moscow.org

Study in Munich, study-in-munich.org

Study in Nuremberg, study-in-nuremberg.org

Study in Paris, study-in-paris.org

Study in Prague, study-in-prague.org

Study in Rome, study-in-rome.org

Study in Vienna, study-in-vienna.org

Latin America
Study in Buenos Aires, study-in-buenosaires.org

Study in Mexico City, study-in-mexicocity.org

Study in Rio de Janeiro, study-in-rio.org

North Africa and the Middle East
Study in Abu Dhabi, study-in-abudhabi.org

Study in Dubai, study-in-dubai.org

North America
Study in Boston, study-in-boston.org

Study in Los Angeles, study-in-losangeles.org

Study in Montreal, study-in-montreal.org

Study in New York, study-in-new-york.org

Study in San Francisco, study-in-sanfrancisco.org

Study in Melbourne, study-in-melbourne.org

Study in Sydney, study-in-sydney.org

South and Central Asia
Study in Bagalore, study-in-bangalore.org

Study in Bangkok, study-in-bangkok.org

Study in Delhi, study-in-delhi.org

Study in Mumbai, study-in-mumbai.org


Africa (sub-Sahara)
Study in Angola, study-in-angola.org

Study in Benin, study-in-benin.org

Study in Botswana, study-in-botswana.org

Study in Burkina Faso, study-in-burkina-faso.org

Study in Burundi, study-in-burundi.org

Study in Cameroon, study-in-cameroon.org

Study in Chad, study-in-chad.org

Study in Ethiopia, study-in-ethiopia.org

Study in Gabon, study-in-gabon.org

Study in Ghana, study-in-ghana.org

Study in Guinea, study-in-guinea.org

Study in Kenya, study-in-kenya.org

Study in Liberia, study-in-liberia.org

Study in Madagascar, study-in-madagascar.org

Study in Malawi, study-in-malawi.org

Study in Mali, study-in-mali.org

Study in Mozambique, study-in-mozambique.org

Study in Namibia, study-in-namibia.org

Study in Niger, study-in-niger.org

Study in Nigeria, study-in-nigeria.org

Study in Rwanda, study-in-rwanda.org

Study in Senegal, study-in-senegal.org

Study in Sierra Leone, study-in-sierra-leone.org

Study in South Africa, study-in-southafrica.org

Study in Sudan, study-in-sudan.org

Study in Tanzania, study-in-tanzania.org

Study in the Congo, study-in-the-congo.org

Study in the Ivory Coast, study-in-the-ivory-coast.org

Study in Togo, study-in-togo.org

Study in Uganda, study-in-uganda.org

Study in Zambia, study-in-zambia.org

Study in Zimbabwe, study-in-zimbabwe.org


Study in Cuba, study-in-cuba.org

Study in Haiti, study-in-haiti.org

Study in Jamaica, study-in-jamaica.org

Study in Puerto Rico, study-in-puerto-rico.org

Study in the Dominican Republic, study-in-the-dominican-republic.org

Study in Trinidad and Tobago, study-in-trinidad-and-tobago.org

East and Southeast Asia

Study in Brunei, study-in-brunei.org

Study in Cambodia, study-in-cambodia.org

Study in China, study-in-china.education

Study in Indonesia, study-in-indonesia.org

Study in Japan, study-in-japan.org

Study in Korea, study-in-korea.org

Study in Laos, study-in-laos.org

Study in Malaysia, study-in-malaysia.org

Study in Mongolia, study-in-mongolia.org

Study in Myanmar, study-in-myanmar.org

Study in Papua New Guinea, study-in-papua-new-guinea.org

Study in Singapore, study-in-singapore.org

Study in Taiwan, study-in-taiwan.org

Study in Thailand, study-in-thailand.org

Study in the Philippines, study-in-the-philippines.org

Study in Vietnam, study-in-vietnam.org

Europe and Eurasia

Study in Albania, study-in-albania.org

Study in Armenia, study-in-armenia.org

Study in Austria, study-in-austria.education

Study in Azerbaijan, study-in-azerbaijan.org

Study in Belarus, study-in-belarus.org

Study in Belgium, study-in-belgium.org

Study in Bosnia and Herzegovina, study-in-bosnia-and-herzegovina.org

Study in Bulgaria, study-in-bulgaria.education

Study in Croatia, study-in-croatia.org

Study in Cyprus, study-in-cyprus.org

Study in Denmark, study-in-denmark.education

Study in Estonia, study-in-estonia.org

Study in Finland, study-in-finland.org

Study in France, study-in-france.education

Study in Georgia, study-in-georgia.org

Study in Germany, study-in-germany.education

Study in Greece, study-in-greece.org

Study in Hungary, study-in-hungary.org

Study in Iceland, study-in-iceland.org

Study in Ireland, study-in-ireland.org

Study in Italy, study-in-italy.org

Study in Kosovo, study-in-kosovo.org

Study in Latvia, study-in-latvia.org

Study in Lithuania, study-in-lithuania.org

Study in Luxembourg, study-in-luxembourg.org

Study in Macedonia, study-in-macedonia.org

Study in Malta, study-in-malta.org

Study in Monaco, study-in-monaco.org

Study in Montenegro, study-in-montenegro.org

Study in Norway, study-in-norway.org

Study in Poland, study-in-poland.education

Study in Portugal, study-in-portugal.org

Study in Romania, study-in-romania.org

Study in Russia, study-in-russia.education

Study in Serbia, study-in-serbia.org

Study in Slovakia, study-in-slovakia.org

Study in Slovenia, study-in-slovenia.org

Study in Spain, study-in-spain.education

Study in Sweden, study-in-sweden.org

Study in Switzerland, study-in-switzerland.education

Study in the Czech Republic, study-in-the-czech-republic.org

Study in the Netherlands, study-in-the-netherlands.org

Study in the UK, study-in-the-uk.org

Study in Turkey, study-in-turkey.education

Study in Ukraine, study-in-ukraine.education

Latin America
Study in Argentina, study-in-argentina.org

Study in Bolivia, study-in-bolivia.org

Study in Brazil, study-in-brazil.org

Study in Chile, study-in-chile.org

Study in Colombia, study-in-colombia.org

Study in Costa Rica, study-in-costarica.org

Study in Ecuador, study-in-ecuador.org

Study in El Salvador, study-in-el-salvador.org

Study in Guatemala, study-in-guatemala.org

Study in Honduras, study-in-honduras.org

Study in Mexico, study-in-mexico.org

Study in Nicaragua, study-in-nicaragua.org

Study in Panama, study-in-panama.org

Study in Paraguay, study-in-paraguay.org

Study in Peru, study-in-peru.org

Study in Uruguay, study-in-uruguay.org

Study in Venezuela, study-in-venezuela.org

North Africa and the Middle East
Study in Algeria, study-in-algeria.org

Study in Bahrain, study-in-bahrain.org

Study in Dubai, study-in-dubai.org

Study in Egypt, study-in-egypt.org

Study in Iran, study-in-iran.org

Study in Iraq, study-in-iraq.org

Study in Israel, study-in-israel.org

Study in Jordan, study-in-jordan.org

Study in Kuwait, study-in-kuwait.org

Study in Lebanon, study-in-lebanon.org

Study in Libya, study-in-libya.org

Study in Morocco, study-in-morocco.org

Study in Oman, study-in-oman.org

Study in Qatar, study-in-qatar.org

Study in Saudi Arabia, study-in-saudiarabia.org

Study in Syria, study-in-syria.org

Study in the United Arab Emirates, study-in-the-uae.org

Study in Tunisia, study-in-tunisia.org

North America
Study in Canada, study-in-canada.education

Study in the USA, study-in-the-usa.org 

Study in Australia, study-in-australia.education

Study in New Zealand, study-in-newzealand.org

South and Central Asia
Study in Afghanistan, study-in-afghanistan.org

Study in Bangladesh, study-in-bangladesh.org

Study in India, study-in-india.org

Study in Kazakhstan, study-in-kazakhstan.org

Study in Kyrgyzstan, study-in-kyrgyzstan.org

Study in Nepal, study-in-nepal.org

Study in Pakistan, study-in-pakistan.org

Study in Sri Lanka, study-in-srilanka.org

Study in Tajikistan, study-in-tajikistan.org

Study in Turkmenistan, study-in-turkmenistan.org

Study in Uzbekistan, study-in-uzbekistan.org


Study in Africa, study-in-africa.org

Study in Asia, study-in-asia.org

Study in the Caribbean, study-in-the-caribbean.org

Europe and Eurasia
Study in Europe, study-in-europe.education

Latin America
Study in Latin America, study-in-latinamerica.org

North America
Study in North America, study-in-northamerica.org

Study in Oceania, study-in-oceania.org


Thematic education platforms

Program types
Au Pair Programs, au-pair-programs.org

Bachelor Programs, bachelor-programs.org

Internships, global-internships.org

Masters in Business, business-master-programs.org

Master Programs, master-programs.org

MBA Programs, mba-programs.org

Online Courses, education-online.org

PhD Programs, phd-programs.info

Postdoc Programs, postdoc-programs.org

Service Learning, service-learning.net

Short Courses, short-term-programs.com

Summer Camps, summer-camps-worldwide.org

Summer Schools & Programs, summer-programs.org

Volunteer Programs, volunteer-programs.org

Winter Sessions (J-Term),  winter-sessions.org

Study fields
Business Studies, business-studies.org

Education Studies, education-studies.org

Engineering Studies, engineering-studies.org

Studies in Chemical Engineering, studies-in-chemical-engineering.org

Studies in Civil Engineering, studies-in-civil-engineering.org

Studies in Electrical Engineering, studies-in-electrical-engineering.org

Studies in Mechanical Engineering, studies-in-mechanical-engineering.org

Study Architecture, study-architecture.org

Study Art and Design, study-art-and-design.org

Study Biosciences, study-biosciences.org

Study Business, study-business.org

Study Communications and Media, study-communications-and-media.org

Study Engineering, study-engineering.org

Study Health Sciences, study-health-sciences.org

Study History, study-history.org

Study IT and Computer Science, study-it-and-computer-science.org

Study Law, study-law.org

Study Natural Sciences, study-natural-sciences.org

Study Nursing, study-nursing.org

Study Political Science, study-political-science.org

Study Psychology, study-psychology.org

Study Sociology, study-sociology.org

Language courses
Arabic Language Courses, arabic-language-courses.org

Chinese Language Courses, chinese-language-courses.org

English Language Courses, english-language-courses.org

French Language Courses, french-language-courses.org

German Language Courses, german-language-courses.com

Hindi Language Courses, hindi-language-courses.org

Indonesian Language Courses, indonesian-language-courses.org

Italian Language Courses, italian-language-courses.org

Japanese Language Courses, japanese-language-courses.org

Malay Language Courses, malay-language-courses.org

Portuguese Language Courses, portuguese-language-courses.org

Russian Language Courses, russian-language-courses.org

Spanish Language Courses, spanish-language-courses.org

Swahili Language Courses, swahili-language-courses.org

Urdu Language Courses, urdu-language-courses.org

Vietname Language Courses, vietnamese-language-courses.org


Conference Finder
Conference Finder, conference-finder.org

Studyfairs, studyfairs.org