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2 years ago by Martin Scheer from Germany


for „Winter Session“ by „University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)

Please have a look on the page for all courses offered during the winter session.

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3 years ago by Martin Scheer from Germany


for „2 & 3 Week Summer Courses“ by „Arts University Bournemouth (AUB)

Introduction to Fashion Design Summer Course Website: 24 July -10 August 2018 On this course you’ll produce work for your physical and digital portfolio exploring subjects including Drawing and Illustration, Graphic Design, Fashion, Photography, Film, Architecture, Mixed Media and Print Making. You’ll be working on a series of themed projects across a mixture of art subjects and experiment and explore your own creative identity whilst also developing your understanding of key creative processes to enhance your work. Take a look at what they did in the recent Summer Course:

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2 years ago by Summer School UBT from null


for „Bayreuth International Summer School“ by „University of Bayreuth

Find a video about the African Studies course at

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last year by Martin Scheer from Germany


for „International Summer and Winter Schools“ by „INNES Institute Vienna

INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOLS OFFERED IN 2019: - Prototyping in IoT - Creative Engineering (01.07.2019 - 12.07.2019) - International Economy and Sustainable Development (01.07.2019 - 12.07.2019) - Urban Living with Water (15.07.2019 - 26.07.2019) - Climate Friendly Buildings - Then and Now (01.07.2019 - 12.07.2019) - Austrian Architectural Culture (01.07.2019 - 19.07.2019) - Academic English and Skills for International Students and Professionals (01.07.2019 - 26.07.2019) - Deutschkurs für Technikerinnen und Wissenschaftlerinnen (02.07.2019 - 25.07.2019) - International Student Sailing Week - Sailing Skills Program (25.05.2019 - 01.06.2019) - Creative and Hygienic Food Engineering (08.08.2019 - 21.08.2019) Find further information on

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