Comillas Pontifical University (Universidad Pontificia Comillas) Madrid

Calle de Alberto Aguilera 23, 28015 Madrid, Spain

Comillas Pontifical University belongs to a network of more than 200 Jesuit universities in the world. More than 100 years old, the university strives to train not only the best professionals, but the best persons. As Father Arrupe said, “men and women for the others”. To achieve that, it combines academic programs of the highest quality, a close relationship with business and institutions, and the solid education in values characteristic of Jesuit universities. Our university is ranked among the best in Spain in most of the programs it offers, and we have recently been awarded the Campus of International Excellence label for our aggregation with Deusto and Ramon Llull universities. Our quality has also been signaled by the European ranking U-Multirrank. We also offer multiple cultural, sport and social activities in which you can share your experiences, values and projects with other Spanish and international students. Finally, I would like to highlight the value of living in a city like Madrid, one of the most important cities in Europe, the political and business center of Madrid, and with an unrivalled social and cultural life. In addition, our university has a clear international character, shown by the large number of our students who study abroad, and of the many students we receive from Europe, Asia, America or Africa. More than 2000 international students visit us every year for academic exchanges, double degrees, or to study in our programs, some of which also have a strong international orientation, such as the graduate Erasmus Mundus programs. It is a strong proof of our international recognition that so many bright students choose us for their international experience. The integration of Spanish and international students in the same classrooms, an atmosphere of high academic demand, colleagues amongst the brightest in Spain, and a faculty devoted to personalized teaching. All this creates the ideal environment to make your international experience as valuable as possible. Having studied in Comillas will contribute hugely to your personal and professional future, and will distinguish you from those who have not been able to enjoy this experience.

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Comillas Pontifical University (Universidad Pontificia Comillas) Madrid

Madrid, Spain

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