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Quasar Design University was born in Rome in 1987, thanks to a group of professionals and university teachers, as a research and training structure focusing on the study and planning of the environment, products and new forms of communication. DESIGN UNIVERSITY Today, with over twenty-five years’ experience, Quasar Design University continues on its mission as a completely self-financing and independent private facility. It selects its teaching staff from renowned professionals and experts. It is the original author of teaching programmes that it applies in training that is constantly updated to respond effectively to the changing world of work. It has a dedicated staff to guide and direct the work of its students. EXCELLENCE It has its base in the centre of Rome that comes with efficient and up-to-date equipment, which welcomes students from all over the world. The desire to always maintain the high quality of training has encouraged the concentration of its activities in a single centre for teaching and development that integrates the culture of design in its various expressions. CULTURAL AND RESEARCH ACTIVITIES Alongside its principal educational activities, Quasar Design University lines up an ongoing work of cultural research and promotion aimed at raising public awareness of multidisciplinary themes. Promoting Italian culture and “Made in Italy” abroad, participating in national and international design competitions, organizing exhibitions, conferences and workshops, and publishing; more than three hundred events have had Quasar Design University as their protagonist since 1987, and have contributed to spreading knowledge and awareness on the themes of the real and virtual environment. Merely by way of an example, we recall the publications on urban space Alberate a Roma and Lessico Cittadino; the preliminary projects for eco-sustainable housing created in full-scale prototypes La Casa New Age and La Casa Armonica, all the way up to QOS – Quasar Outer Space, a multidisciplinary cycle of lectures, a periodic meeting that is open to the public, but also an integral part of the training course, which sees as its protagonists important artists and visionary explorers of what lies beyond the contemporary. Professionals, artists and operators from the sector are invited to contribute to the training of students, both through contributions in the classroom and participating with students and teachers in visits or important events. OPERATING FIELDS Within the macro-sphere “design and visual communication”, research and training focus on these areas: interior and garden design; restructuring and renovation of buildings; product, furniture and exhibit design; advertising, publishing and multimedia graphics; digital photography and videomaking; web & interaction design; 3D computer graphics, visual effects and animation; yacht design. TYPES OF COURSE Training is carried out in programmes of different intensity and duration: - Bachelor’s Degree (3 years) - Professional qualification (15 months) - Academic Master (12 months) - Open (of varying duration) Qualifications issued Quasar Design University has been operating for over twenty years as an officially authorized facility for professional training. The qualifications and specializations awarded at the end of the three-year and professional training courses are legally valid for employment purposes. In addition, the courses allow the acquisition of university credits (ECTS) in accordance with the educational regulations of the host institutions in Italy and abroad. SPONSORS - The Order of Landscape Planning Architects and Conservationists of Rome and its Province The Order of Architects of Rome and its Province, in addition to cultural activities, sponsors all the Masters: highly specialized training courses run for Quasar Design University by leading experts in various fields. - Chaos Group Recommended Center The makers of V-Ray, the well-known rendering software, recommend Quasar Design University as a training centre of excellence GUIDANCE Quasar Design University ’s method of guidance has as it aim pointing students towards choosing the most suitable training course for the development of their individual skills. This is achieved through a personalized meeting during which the utmost attention is paid to the candidates’ attitudes. The Quasar Orienta days – which take place throughout the year – involve participants in stimulating creative workshops and offer a detailed picture of the training courses available. With the Schools Project Quasar Design University has a presence in high schools with dedicated guidance days. Through its participation in international guidance exhibitions, everyone has the possibility of becoming aware of the quality of training at Quasar Design University. FACILITATIONS Each year interesting facilitations are reserved for those who choose courses that Quasar Design University intends to promote, considering them to be of particular interest for future developments in the labour market or because they constitute promising professional niches in the field of the new media, fast-growing, but still not widely known among the general public. Thanks to agreements with public and private bodies, and companies, students at Quasar Design University can take advantage of special facilitations. GRADUATE CAREERS The already large number of graduates from Quasar Design University with whom contact is maintained constitutes a network not only nationally, but in many countries of the world. A number of former students have accomplished significant achievements which confirms the validity of the Quasar method. The Institute often welcomes them back to share their experience with their younger colleagues who are still training, showing them their work and providing interesting case studies.

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Quasar Design University

Rome, Italy


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