National University (NU)

9388 Lightwave Ave , 92123 San Diego, CA, USA

Founded in 1971, National University is one of the largest private, non-profit institutions of higher education in California and is accredited by WASC – one of the six accreditation boards officially acknowledged by the United States. National University offers diverse study opportunities in "America's Finest City" San Diego. Thus, National University has an outstanding reputation on a national as well as international level. More than 30,000 students have chosen this institution for its outstanding study conditions and diverse student population. National University offers students dynamic and progressive leading edge degree programs which include the latest trends in technology and mobility. The small class sizes at National University provide students with one-on-one time with faculty and lively interactive discussions with classmates. Studying at National University in the USA Study Abroad in California at National University The renowned National University in California offers students a highly innovative and academically outstanding range of studies with a broad variety of specializations at the fantastic main campuses in San Diego and Los Angeles, USA. National University is a private, nonprofit and WASC accredited university, which enjoys a great reputation nationwide and around the world. More than 30,000 students from over 80 countries have chosen National University for its excellent study conditions, a broad variety of Bachelor and Master degrees and attractive tuition fees. The unique one-course-per-month format enables students to choose from flexible start dates and to complete their studies in an accelerated time frame as well as to focus on each subject thoroughly. Highly qualified and well-experienced faculty teach up-to-date topics effectively and practically oriented and provide students with knowledge that is essential for their successful careers. Study at National University: Semester Dates Due to the unique one-course-per-month format taught at National University, students can start their Bachelor programs and study abroad semesters as well as most Master programs in the beginning of any month throughout the year. Some Master programs at National University do have specific start dates. Feel free to contact us and request information about the start dates for your desired study program at National University. Study Opportunities at National University - Full Bachelor Program - Bachelor Semester Abroad - Master Semester Abroad - Full Master Program - Online Programs - English Language Programs Request further information on studying in the USA – free of charge and without obligation. Learn about your study opportunities and all programs at National University. Let your dream of studying in California come true! We are happy to assist and look forward to hearing from you.

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National University (NU)

San Diego, CA, USA

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