Polzunov Altai State Technical University

Lenina 46, 656038 Barnaul, Russia

Polzunov Altai State Technical University is a recognized Siberian center for innovation and science targeting at training specialists for the industry sector. AltSTU was founded in 1942. Currently, the University hosts 6 institutes, 7 faculties and 1 college. The research resources of the university - Russian Academy of Science academicians, more than100 professors, doctors; more than 700 associate professors, candidates of sciences; four dissertation councils for doctoral and master's theses are available at AltSTU. The University has more than 150 title documents for intellectual property. Why Russia? Russia is the largest country in the world. Everything is big here: territory, population, and hospitality of people who live here. You can find practically all kinds of natural habitats in Russia – severe Arctic zone, taiga forests, steppes and subtropical climate of the Black Sea coast. The Russian population is really diverse: ethnic Russians, hundreds of major and folk origin minor groups representing their own language and culture. Russia is a good model of a multicultural society. Due to the variety of population and ethnical cultural diversity, long-term religious and traditional coexistence of major national groups and minority groups contributed to the positive image of the country. Russian educational system is one of the most developed and advanced in the world. All state degrees and qualifications awarded to graduates, regardless a higher education institution type (university, academy or institute) are equal in their status. Polzunov Altai State Technical University (AltSTU) is a recognized center for education, science and culture in Altai Krai. The University was founded on the basis of Zaporozhsky Institute for Machine Building Engineering relocated to Altai in 1941. Polzunov Altai State Technical University is ranked one of largest universities in Russia eastwards from the Urals. Biysk Technological Institute, Rubtsovsk Industrial Institute, local and other AltSTU regional offices are integrated and operated under AltSTU. 21 000 AltSTU students study at 9 faculties in 4 Institutes and 80 University departments on 63 accredited programs under supervision of 1370 teachers who hold status of professors and doctors of sciences -120, associate professors and candidates of sciences (PhD holders) -770. Research training schools for teachers in various areas of expertise are successfully extended in AltSTU. Eight dissertation councils hold dissertation presentations on 14 specialties. Several public academies of science, as well as 4 research institutes, Altai Technopark and Technopolis, 16 research centers are run by AltSTU. Total amount of research budget is 70 million rubles per year. More than 400 graduate students and more than 30 doctoral students study at the University. The training programs are accompanied by a large-scale research. The University leads in fundamental and applied research: resource-saving and environmentally friendly, efficient technologies to ensure high quality materials, devices, products and machines in various industries which appeal to skilled specialists trained by AltSTU. AltSTU is the only university in Altai Krai which holds a state license for teaching Russian Language to foreign citizens. The University is accredited to issue a higher education Diploma Supplement in the English Language. In consortium with European partner universities AltSTU participates in international Tempus mobility programs developing and implementing joint programs of study for students. The University has successfully implemented a program for foreign nationals «Russian language and the basics of translation» (1−2 years of study). The purpose of the program is to instruct graduates with skills needed to work successfully as a translator (businesses, public institutions, language centers, services, tourism and others.). AltSTU Summer School offers Russian language courses (2 week course) and short-term Russian language courses for groups of 8−10 students. The University campus offers affordable and comfortable accommodation in a dormitory within walking distance. Over 2,500 students live in 7 campus buildings. AltSTU campus won the All-Russian competition for the best student dormitory (campus) in the award «Best organization for student access to public information systems in a university campus”. The University wellness center “Youth» enables students and teachers to attend treatment and rehabilitation courses. AltSTU has its own swimming pool for students and faculty staff to take leisure and recreational activities. AltSTU has a sports arena with treadmills, volleyball court, playground for mini soccer and street ball, boxing ring, sector for climbing and Greco-Roman wrestling, and weightlifting room. In winter, ski running slopes are open. Training center «Crona» offers practical training and lounging for staff and faculty members. The center is located 30 km from Barnaul in a pine forest in a picturesque location with clean pine air and the view of the Ob River flow which creates great atmosphere for a great stay. The University campus operates 5 dining rooms, 2 restaurants and several handout buffets. AltSTU is the largest and most prestigious university of Altai. In 2004 AltSTU was awarded the gold medal «European Quality» in nomination «100 Best Higher Education Institutions in Russia». In 2005 AltSTU Quality Management System was certified to meet State Standard R ISO 9001−2001 requirements and renews its certification status annually. In 2006 AltSTU IT faculty student team won gold medals at Student Computer Programming World Championship in the USA. In 2007 AltSTU students were second in IT competition in Sibera. And a year later in 2008 AltSTU team reached the finals of the IT Championship in Canada. Welcome to study and do research work at our University!

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Polzunov Altai State Technical University

Barnaul, Russia


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